About Us


Drone For FutureĀ® is a French-based company that pursues improved innovative technological solutions and services, in-addition to providing advanced training, coaching, and mentoring environments and tools for all ages in multi-technological domains.


Drone For FutureĀ® actually is developing a product named Speed TeleEye which is a solution for providing the emergency services and crisis management cells with an aerial information system consist of multi-sensorial autonomous drones connected to a crisis information system.


Our staff used to work with international organizations like Orange and Google for building multi-technological teleoperation platforms like tele-surgery, and aerial robotics applications.

We are now cooperating with Institute Mines Telecom in France for developing crisis management information System and to

co-design innovative models of education and training in engineering and technological domains.


We have high experience in advanced coaching techniques, in-addition to innovative methodologies for training and education in emergencies using local and blended learning tools.


Our Staff have a lot of success stories in educating youth and elders in normal and crisis situations in multi-domains like:
- Computer Science.
- Information Technology.
- Robotics, Drones.
- 3D Design and Programming (Blender, SketchUp, 3ds Max, Unreal, Unity).